When you hear a new song,a hit song actually,you will want to know who is the artist behind it all and in our today’s limelight express we focus on vakshir whose full names are Abdulrahman Juma kereem,a teeneger from the slums of kibra in nairobi county. He is an upcoming artist who does cover song for hit songs one being kwangwaru.He also does hiphop and reggae.

Doing cover is not actually easy,because you have to maintain a certain taste of the original song and also bring out your content.Thats not so simple as you think,if it it were,then everybody will be walking into the studio to produce vakshir is a legend in his own content.He uses his youthfulness and clarity to express himself.He is a talent to watch because he is the future of local music industry.He started recording music in the year 2017 and he was later joined by 3of his friends with whom together make music.Leading a group into a dreamlife is not simple and so vakshir is talented in that too.

In one way or another you will agree with me that music industry needs courage and for one to have such confidence at a young age it needs a lot of thinking and self-evaluation.Most people are afraid to perform their talents because they are afraid of other people talking about what a failure they have became or saying that they cannot make it or their parents think that music is for the failures and want them to study and be proffesionals.Vakshir is coming strong from this critics,He might be wounded but as a hungry lioness,he is making it unwounded.

For the introductory part of vakshir and his qualities,this is boy is a role model to the future society.He can show those from slum areas to get out and do what is build in them ,this is not particularly to music but to other talents.We learnt that God gave each and every human a special gift and for vakshir its singing.

Vakshir needs your support.just listening to his music is support and in exchange you will feel entertained and knowledgeable.You will also give hope to those close to you who wants to do something big with their life.TEAM VAKSHIR FOREVER!!!



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